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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Republicans trample their base in the latest vote to fund Obamacare and Illegal Amnesty

So here we are again, the Republican base—made up of Tea Party members, Independents and Democrats that are fed up with Obama, Conservatives, and Republicans that are corporatists. Once again we have been duped. This time it was at lightning speed. It happened less than 6 weeks from the election.

We Conservatives find ourselves on the dark side of the moon. Men and women without a party. We all do what we can as patriots: calling our reps, emails, donations to the Tea Party, faxes, and blog posts. It`s all for not. No one is listening. These newly re-elected Republicans have four more years to feed at the “K” street pig trough. Obama laughed his behind off as he headed to yet another vacation. The rest of us linger—waiting to see the other shoe drop. Every time we think we may have gained some ground, someone in one or both political parties pulls the rug out from under our feet. America takes another gut punch.

I was scrolling over Facebook looking at the comments, anti-Obama posters, the disgruntled Republicans and Conservatives and I realized more than ever that we must have an Article V convention to stop these political swine that feed on us, our children, and grandchildren. None of us—to include the WWII generation has ever seen anything like what we are seeing today in America.

The true power base

My dear friends, all is not lost. There are 30 plus states that have passed resolutions to hold an Article V Convention of the States. There have been several productive meetings since December of last year where representatives from all 50 states have shown up and discussed this option. The state legislatures are where our true power lies. Yes, this is a hard undertaking, it requires a lot of foot work on the grass roots level; however, we have the numbers in place in terms of Republican controlled state legislatures.

This is our only answer. Another election cycle won`t do it. Another RINO candidate coroneted by the establishment will cost us yet another Presidential Election. Gripping and bitching on social media sites feels good but gains nothing. We must convince other Americas to get educated about the Article V amendment process and we must get to know our state representatives and encourage them to act on this movement; a movement that is truly gaining momentum under the radar.

For further information on this movement here are some links:
  1.        Friends of the Article V convention
  2.              The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic by Mark Levin
  3.        Article V of the U.S. Constitution

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Us vs. Them: How do we stop Washington D.C and the two party Oligarchy?

Most Americans are sick of politics. It`s hard, as a writer, to get people to pay attention to the situation we now find ourselves in as a nation. Most people feel very good about the results of the November elections. They were happy to see the Republicans gain the Senate and to further their hold in the House; however, we have already seen in less than a month that Republicans will NOT do what it takes to stop Obama and his lawlessness.

Some don`t want to think about this conundrum, others will simply put their political heads back in the sand, others will criticize the conservatives and the Tea Party for being so hard to please. The truth is far more important than political parties—the truth is that we are now living in a post-Constitutional nation. So then, what do we do?

We have now seen for sure that simply winning elections is not enough. We watched Mitch McConnell campaign (because a no-name, Tea Party, local businessman almost cleaned his clock in the primary) on the fact that he would REPEAL Obamacare. We saw all of the Republican leadership make this promise, and now, we see them lining up at the microphone to capitulate and walk back these promises. Their big business, crony-capitalist donors have them chained to Obamacare and illegal immigration. Both Republicans and Democrats gain from these acts; Republicans satisfy their corporate donors and Democrats gain voters and welfare lifers.

There are truly two Americas today. This was a political buzzword that the left used all the time in the last decade and it wasn`t true at the time; however, it`s more true than ever before, today. On one side we have rich people, politicians, and government employees who are doing just fine; on the other side, we have the middle class, the private sector, and the poor who are scraping by like America is some third world nation. Jobs that were once available to high school graduates now require a bachelor’s degree at the minimum. Full time jobs are almost impossible to land. Most Americans in the second class I described either have several part time jobs or have fallen into the welfare trap. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

Article V Convention of the states

There is a solution that is within our grasp. It`s not an easy solution but it is doable because we now have 27 states under Republican control in their state legislatures. Article V was written in the waning hours of the Constitutional Convention in 1787-89. It was one of the last articles written. The framers realized that if the only way to amend the Constitution was thrugh the Congress that a tyrannical Congress would not pass amendments to correct their own un-Constitutional behavior. The second portion of Article V gives the state legislatures total power—through the people—to amend the Constitution with no interference from Washington, the President, or the courts. This, ladies and gentlemen, is our only answer to stop Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans, and the un-elected fourth branch of government—the bureaucracy.

There have been several meetings between representatives from all fifty states to move forward with this convention process. We could implement a balanced budget amendment, an amendment for term limits on both the Congress and the Supreme Court, and we could abolish the IRS (among other things).

There are a number of sources out there that are scholarly and informative; however, none is as scholarly as Mark Levin`s book “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.” In his book, Levin lays out the case, the process, and the history of this process. I encourage you to take the time to research this growing movement. We must pass down the same America to our children and grandchildren that was handed down to us!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Should rhetoric contain truth in order to have any semblance of credibility? | LinkedIn

Picture a hill overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in Athens Greece. The breeze blowing and the smells of the water coming to shore as billowing clouds float ever so slow. Mars Hill is both beautiful and famous for many reasons; however, none is as important as the history of rhetoric. Moreover, what is rhetoric? These same questions were asked by Isocrates, Plato, Gorgias, and Aristotle to name only a few of the ancient philosophers of Greece. The beauty of these ancient men was in their willingness to sort-of hash things out (in modern terms) rather than shout lies at one another.


Should rhetoric contain truth in order to have any semblance of credibility? | LinkedIn

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mark Levin Slams Obama's Apathy: 'World Is On Fire, And This Man Doesn't Seem To Give A Damn!'

Mark Levin Slams Obama's Apathy: 'World Is On Fire, And This Man Doesn't Seem To Give A Damn!': Conservative radio host Mark Levin lamented President Obama's profound indifference toward the wars raging overseas, declaring that 'the world is on fire, and this man doesn't seem to give a damn!'

Monday, July 21, 2014

Leave me alone, don`t bum me out…everything is fine | LinkedIn

I was once a proud Republican. I would argue that they were
right about everything under the sun no matter how much evidence to the
contrary my opponents could unveil. I was like the college boy who wears the
large letter of his alma mater on a sweater—mine was an “R” for Republican.
Like a college football game I would line up against the “D`s” on the other
side of the field and laugh at every fumble, scoff at every advance, and scream
in ecstasy if we pulled off a victory. In all this, where was America, the Constitution,
and the rule of law? I must admit, I was so lost in the fight between the
parties I never thought to look at the law, the Constitution, or America. I was
like the rat following the pied piper over the cliff of political agendas,
which ultimately had no real benefit to me, my family, or America.

For Democrats: are you any different?

Leave me alone, don`t bum me out…everything is fine | LinkedIn