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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Should rhetoric contain truth in order to have any semblance of credibility? | LinkedIn

Picture a hill overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in Athens Greece. The breeze blowing and the smells of the water coming to shore as billowing clouds float ever so slow. Mars Hill is both beautiful and famous for many reasons; however, none is as important as the history of rhetoric. Moreover, what is rhetoric? These same questions were asked by Isocrates, Plato, Gorgias, and Aristotle to name only a few of the ancient philosophers of Greece. The beauty of these ancient men was in their willingness to sort-of hash things out (in modern terms) rather than shout lies at one another.


Should rhetoric contain truth in order to have any semblance of credibility? | LinkedIn

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mark Levin Slams Obama's Apathy: 'World Is On Fire, And This Man Doesn't Seem To Give A Damn!'

Mark Levin Slams Obama's Apathy: 'World Is On Fire, And This Man Doesn't Seem To Give A Damn!': Conservative radio host Mark Levin lamented President Obama's profound indifference toward the wars raging overseas, declaring that 'the world is on fire, and this man doesn't seem to give a damn!'

Monday, July 21, 2014

Leave me alone, don`t bum me out…everything is fine | LinkedIn

I was once a proud Republican. I would argue that they were
right about everything under the sun no matter how much evidence to the
contrary my opponents could unveil. I was like the college boy who wears the
large letter of his alma mater on a sweater—mine was an “R” for Republican.
Like a college football game I would line up against the “D`s” on the other
side of the field and laugh at every fumble, scoff at every advance, and scream
in ecstasy if we pulled off a victory. In all this, where was America, the Constitution,
and the rule of law? I must admit, I was so lost in the fight between the
parties I never thought to look at the law, the Constitution, or America. I was
like the rat following the pied piper over the cliff of political agendas,
which ultimately had no real benefit to me, my family, or America.

For Democrats: are you any different?

Leave me alone, don`t bum me out…everything is fine | LinkedIn

Monday, January 6, 2014

America: An experiment in human liberty

This is an excerpt from a short story: 
She laid there on her back—bleeding, bruised, gasping for breath—yet, she would not stop getting up. Every time she raised her head they kicked her. Every time she stood up—another brutal body shot. Finally, she lay there and stared her enemies in the eye. They laughed and said, “Had enough yet?” Faintly, almost in a whisper, she replied, “My patriots will never give up…they will come…you'll see.”
This is the picture that ran through my mind one night as I watched the news. America, laying on her back, taking everything that they can throw at her—and never giving in. But like all great societies that have come and gone, she has her limits as well. My fellow Americans—Rome is burning.
I'm not talking politics per say; but rather, my goal is to describe and remind those who read this about the most magnificent, tolerant, and decent society ever created in human history. I'm addressing my fellow Americans—no matter what political party—about the historical context in which our nation was founded, and the way our Republic operated for two centuries. Yes, America is not perfect, she's made her mistakes, but America is the most perfect society in an imperfect world; however, some would argue this to be a false statement. Political and government master minds that propagandize for their own power, glory, and gain use citizens—caught up in the emotion and passion of a passing moment in time—to create changes that last for decades after they are gone. These so-called master minds drive the great societies of human history into the ash heap of despotism and ruin. History does not lie. Will the modern day masterminds, and their social experimentation with our society, destroy America?
America was never just an expanse of land—it was an idea. It was a way of life. It was a grand experiment in self-governance by those who fled the oligarchies, theocracies, and monarchies of Europe and other parts of the “Old World.” These men and women would take the horrible lessons of the past and use them to forge a new Republic. They would learn the lessons of history and government and forge a nation that was wholly different from all those in Europe and Asia. This new Republic would consider all men to possess inalienable rights given by God himself—not government. No King, no legislative body, no “one” ruler or group of rulers, and no singular ideology would reign—only the law would be the ultimate “King” of all men—and it would be applied equally to all men no matter their station in life.
However, the sins of Europe followed these men and women: slavery, the hunger for political and economic power, and the allegiance to foreign governments were but a few of the initial disasters that plagued America in her founding. Only a handful of patriots began the act of rebellion that led to a revolution against the Crown of England and the formation of a new Republic called America.
Men that were driven by an unquenchable thirst for human liberty performed great acts of bravery; however, they are all but forgotten by those Americans that have inherited the prize of liberty and freedom. General Washington, in a last ditch effort to save the revolutionary effort, crossed the Delaware River in unbearable winter conditions to face impossible odds. Yet, the drunken Hessian and British troops on the other side were defeated by way of his surprise attack. This is only one story in a thousand of the patriots, across the expanse of time, which gave their lives for our freedom. Their deaths—the fact that they never lived full lives (for our sake)—and the fact that they died alone and scared on some foreign or domestic battle field, should never cease to cause Americans to pause and reflect on the old saying: “Freedom is never free.”
Once the Republic formed, the issue of states' rights vs. federal rights became the next seemingly impossible hurdle. The Colonies, recently freed from the tyranny of King George, were very suspicious and frightened by government and centralized power in any form. Moreover, foreign nations stood idly by watching in the hope that America—the grand experiment—would fail; but yet, she moved forward and the new Constitution was drafted and ratified by the states in 1789. However, another issue—a sin that had followed the new patriots from Europe and Asia, one that has scared the entire expanse of human history—still haunted the new nation. That issue, that sin, was the debauchery of slavery.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Boehner votes to defund Obamacare: The political ‘Fan Dance’ of the RINO`s

Folks, don`t get your hopes up on defunding Obamcare. Boehner is the same man that we have drug kicking and screaming into every common sense conservative legislative battle since 2010. Here`s how I think this will go down: The bill will hit the Senate and won`t pass; Reid will either reject it out-right (not allow a vote on the floor fearing some Democrats may defect), or it will go down in flames along party lines and be sent back to the house or to a committee and the RINO`s will cave. The RINO`s don`t want to defund Obamacare; the amazing public scrutiny shown through phone calls, emails, and petitions forced them to do this.

In the meantime, the media will devour Boehner and the Republicans and accuse them of everything under the sun, they will report false statistics, plan a parade of supportive interviews, and turn up the propaganda machine to full speed ahead.

Boehner and his RINO`s will be able, at that point, to say they tried to defund Obamacare but that they don`t have the support or the power to do it, and the political “fan dance” goes on. We live in two Americas.

The America we live in today truly is a portrait of two separate Americas. These words have been thrown around in the political arena as a purely rhetorical device in the recent past, however, now the phrase is sadly very true.

On one side of America we have the rich leftists and corporatists (crony capitalists on the left and the right). These elitists are all doing just fine. The Hollywood left, the “K” street leeches, and ass kissing crony capitalists all pander to Obama, support Obama, or are living off the government dole at high levels—via government subsidies, grants, bailouts, and other corporate welfare. Then, there is the middleclass left and the public sector employees (some of whom are independents or moderate Republicans). These people are either supportive of Obama and the left because they are liberals first and foremost, or because, as government employees, they haven`t felt the real effects of the economy and have no real interest in politics due to this fact.

 I will give you an example of the latter: I have a dear friend that works for the local city government. He rarely speaks about politics and is really just a blue collar working guy that has a nice salary and benefits package and has put in about 20 years with the city. When you talk to him you can tell he has no idea how bad the economy is because he—as an employee of government—has not really been affected by the recession. There are millions like him who go on, day after day, not paying attention to what`s really going on because they have no compelling reason to care.

The groups above are a summarization of one side of America: The hard left, the liberals, and those people who benefit from leftist policies and are low information voters (if they vote at all).

One the other side of the coin you have the regular Americans and the low information voters who do vote but are completely uninformed and have no economic common sense. In this group you have the private sector, conservatives and independents, everyday workers that are too busy trying to survive to pay attention to politics, and the businesses small and large who just want to live in freedom and be left alone. I also add to “this group” the victims of Obama`s propaganda: the poor blacks and whites that think everything would be fine if it weren’t for those nasty Republicans and George bush. These are the people (this entire group of Americans) that are seeing and feeling the real pain of the Obama presidency—although some do not recognize its true origin to be from the Obama administration.

The conservative rich in this group are all either hiding their money or sitting on it awaiting a better day. Some, unfortunately, have lost almost everything they have. I have watched men and women, families, and businesses crumble and disappear into the rubble of the great recession since 2008—it`s so sad and so unnecessary. The truth is that there is really nothing wrong with the economy except for the fact that it has a government boot on its neck. Yes, we have major debt issues and unfunded liabilities that can never be fulfilled no matter how great the future economic growth may become; however, if we could get the boot of government off the necks of the American economic engine—our entrepreneurs, our small businesses, and new research and development—our economy would recover in a very short period of time.

Obama has wrote-off this group of Americans. He knows they detest him and no longer believe in him. For those in this group who do believe him—the poor black and white population—they are his “useful idiots,” and they blindly follow the “pied piper” over the cliff.

This man Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors beyond any President in our history. Obama has divided race relations to a fever pitch. He has destroyed the private sector, our healthcare system (which does need an overhaul but not with the hands of government involved), he has eviscerated our foreign policy norms, he has gutted our military, and he has enriched himself and his cronies high and low through grants, bailouts, false business entities, and on and on.

Electing more Republicans will not fix Washington. Republicans had the majority under Clinton and Bush for a time—and what did they do?—they spent money and expanded government.  

This is why I support the new grassroots movement of “The Liberty Amendments.” If we can get this movement going—starting at the states` legislature level—we have a chance to completely bypass this government—lock-stock-and barrel—and amend the Constitution in a way that reverses 100 years of progressive politics.