Monday, May 11, 2015

The world is unfair: Let`s give everyone back their property

The great Winston Churchill once said, and I`m paraphrasing: The truth is the most important thing in the world, and it`s usually surrounded by a bodyguard of lies. The thought of social justice, economic justice, and equality are all both noble and right; however, we are at a place in time where the truth about how to attain these noble goals is surrounded by a steel wall of lies.

I wonder if the Statists (a term for leftists coined by Mark Levin) have ever thought through their arguments about fairness and equality to a logical end. What I mean to say is this: nothing in life is fair nor has it ever been fair. It`s impossible in an imperfect world to be fair.

They call America imperialist. They claim America has stolen it`s wealth from the world, unfairly. They don`t like capitalism because it has winners and a losers. We conquered land from the Indians and the Mexicans. We enslaved the black man and he has never been able to recover, fully; never mind that over 750,000 men died during the Civil War that was fought to right the wrong of slavery. I could go on and on but I think the reader, by now, gets my point. Americanism is considered bad to the left and to the world. They believe they have the answer to fairness and equality. If you don`t agree with them they will just ram it down your throat. We`ve seen this movie before. History is replete with examples of men`s ideas of fairness though government.

If we are intellectually honest about this whole mess called humanity we can see throughout history that all men, all nations, all cultures have conquered lands, raped and pillaged, stole property and wealth, and enslaved one another. I have an idea—how about we give it all back to the original owners? I would only ask my liberal friends one question: where would we start? Would we start with the Greeks? How about the Romans? Or would we start with France, England, or Spain? At what point in human history, and in which culture, would we start to make things right and give back what has been stolen, pillaged, plundered, or conquered over the vast expanse of time?

The real problem is not in governments or economics, the real problem lies in the human heart. It is evil above all things. Power corrupts mens` hearts.  This is why Madison (in Federalist #51) said:
 “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is no doubt the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.”

This evil has plagued mankind throughout recorded history. Once America was unique in human history because we controlled our government. Our Constitution was respected by both political parties. We now live in a post-Constitutional America with a weird mixture of crony capitalism and socialism. We have been headed down this road since FDR in the 1930`s. We had a brief period of true capitalism under Ronald Reagan but George Bush began to undo Reagan`s policies once he became the new president. Obama, the establishment Republicans, and the liberals have only exacerbated the problems we face.

Everyone thinks our economy is normal. The media reports it like it`s true, the Democrats and Republicans say it`s true, and so does Obama. If your under 25 years of age you`ve never seen real job growth in your adult life. The Millennials have never seen a robust, capitalist economy. Again, the last time we had real growth was during the Reagan Administration. History tells the truth about government and economics. Just look back at the 20th century in particular.

The entire 20th century was a great blood bath in human history. This was sparked by the revolutionary manifesto of Karl Marx and his economic theories.

We are now 70 years past the end of WWII and approximately 50 years past some of the most horrible atrocities seen in the 20th century. It has been about 160 years since the publication of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx (1848). I would argue, in human terms, that outside of the life and death of Jesus Christ, no one has affected the world as much as Karl Marx and John Engels.

Our children do not know about the real history of Communism, Fascism, Socialism, or any other of the nasty “isms” that have torn this world apart in the name of economic and social justice. I wish these young people would spend some time on YouTube watching the historical documentaries—in detail—of the Lenin Revolution, Stalin, Mao, Pol-Pot, and all the others. I wish they would watch the stories of the Cold War Era and the Warsaw Pact. I wish they could understand that history is repeating and we are now facing the same old authoritarian nature of the human heart from all directions, including Washington D.C. Not to mention the Neo-Nazi Islamists who are conquering, raping, pillaging, plundering, and beheading everyone in their path toward the new Caliphate.  

So…again…I ask my liberal friends: Should we give it all back? If so, with whom or where shall we start the process? After all, we just want to be fair…right? And I`m sure this time around we will be able to trust governments and men to be totally fair, honest, and humane with the power they wield. Right?

It`s become old fashion to think that men could rule themselves without a centralized, all-powerful government. Just like the 20th century, we need a ruling class elite to run our lives from on high…right? It will be different this time—because they say so…right?

This is no laughing matter my friends. We had better look to history to see our future.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Baltimore Bumbling: A question to the Black American community #freddiegray

                                       The Duluth, Minnesota Lynching (1920)

I want to ask the black community in Baltimore, and in other areas of rioting and protest, a very serious question. My question concerns a topic that they should know all too well from history: What is justice? What is due process? Are we seeing justice in Baltimore? Or is this a more nefarious thing—mob rule. Do you remember the stories from your fathers and grandfather of mob rule?

There was actually a time when a segment of our citizens lived without due process rights. This was an ugly and horrifying truth for black Americans, primarily. Imagine a scene where you are at your dinner table with your wife and child and suddenly the door is kicked in and a mob of angry men takes you, your wife and child, out the door screaming threats of violence and even death. You know that you have no one that will stand for you. You have no judge that will hear your cries for justice, and you have no recourse against this huge mob that intends to decide your fate. This happened to blacks on a regular basis in our nation`s history.

If we lose true “due process” in our legal system to satisfy the demands for justice from an angry mob, we are headed down a horrifying and dangerous road. If you study, with intellectual honesty, the event of the prosecutor`s press conference and the charges leveled at police officers in the arrest of Freddie Gray, you will see the elements of justice driven by mob rule, without true due process. Let me explain.

First and foremost, no one in the media or the mob of protestors and rioters knows what happened to Freddie Gray during and after his arrest. If the officers did in fact do something wrong, accidental or with malice of forethought, they should face serious charges; however, NO OONE knows for sure at this point and they certainly didn`t know during the rioting and destruction of government and private property. Secondly, when we see police use extreme force to put down a riot (which did not happen in Baltimore, unfortunately), we are actually seeing the police do what they should do to protect our Constitutional rights and to protect government property, private property, and innocent citizens.

Instead of seeing law and order, protection of property and innocent citizens, we saw a militant mob—angry, vengeful, and opportunist in nature—destroy Baltimore as police were ordered to stand down. Once this horrible monster—the criminal mob—was set loose, there was no turning back and the damage to the city, and to individuals, is enormous.

Finally, when the prosecutor held her press conference she not only threw as many charges at these officers as she could, including—shockingly—Second Degree Murder, but she then went on to speak to the criminal mobs that chanted “No justice, no peace” as if they were worthy of a voice. According to media reports (and the officers` attorney), the prosecutor only had the actual arrest report for a few hours. This would not give her time to consider, in any serious manor, the charges that should be brought, if any at all. There has been no Grand Jury called to investigate the evidence, she just blasted out a multitude of shocking charges and then patted the mob on the head and said, don`t worry…I got this, you will get your so-called justice. She didn`t say these words out loud but they were saturated in the subtext of her rhetoric.

This might not look the same as the black man and his family at the dinner table in the early 19th Century; however, it is without a doubt an apples-to-apples comparison. These officers, just like the murderer, the rapist, and the Islamic Terrorist (which I personally do not support, for God`s sake), or anyone else, deserve due process. They deserve a proper investigation of the evidence, a Grand Jury, and a prosecutor that believes in opening his/her mouth only after naming specific crimes, not just specific charges. In her press conference she did not name one specific crime for which she could say they had hard evidence. She simply tossed the mud on the wall with the hope of satisfying political ends and the criminal mob. I`m frightened that these officers will not be able to face an untainted jury. I`m scarfed they will face mob justice rather than due process. If you support this kind of justice just ask yourself if you would like this kind of process if or when you face a serious criminal charge, or charges.

To my fellow black Americans that support the “sling-mud-at-the-wall” techniques of the Baltimore Prosecutor, I would ask you if you support due process or if you think Americans should take a step backward into the dark times your people experienced themselves? Which is the more honorable stance, to believe in due process or to allow for mob justice and revenge as a road to satisfaction.

This question requires one to step back from anger, racism, revenge, and the emotional appeals of the political elite which use the “useful idiots” throughout history to grab power.

This is a lynching by political elitists and a criminal mob that does not have the civility or maturity to wait for facts to emerge and evidence to be weighed. You have to realize that once you set this kind of precedent, once you unleash this kind of government police power, once you use mob rule rather than equal justice under the law and due process, you unleash it on yourself as well. It is only a matter of time before you will suffer the same lack of due process and a frightening hell of merciless injustice at the hands of men that care little for humanity over their political ends.

If anyone should understand this, it should be the black community that is calling for these officers to be drawn and quartered as fast as possible. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Return of `Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous’ | Scott Biddulph | LinkedIn

I remember watching a show that was so popular in the 80` and 90`s. It`s last episode was a decade ago. Robin Leach, with his thick British accent, took Americans on an inside tour of the lifestyles of rich and famous people all over the globe--`Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.’ In America, it was a time of prosperity for anyone that wished to change his or her station in life (1980-1990`s). The economy was booming, unemployment rates rarely reached 5%, and if they did, people raised hell. Political correctness was laughed at in light of Americans dearly held belief in the First Amendment. America wasn`t a bully in the world, rouge nations and dictatorial regimes just knew better than to push us around. We kept the world in check. Peace through strength was a belief from the long tradition of the Monroe Doctrine. It was a different time. As a boy who grew up in a Conservative Democrat home that became a Reagan Democrat in 1984, I`ve personally witnessed the historical fact that free markets—capitalism (not crony capitalism)—create the greatest equality for all.
As I watched a totally disconnected President and political class speak at us, and not to us, in the SOTU last night, I was reminded of Robin Leaches old show. I could retire from the money spent on cosmetic surgery in that chamber, alone. I watched as these wealthy (and for some…uber wealthy) politicians hugged, smiled, and chatted like the world was grand…nothing is wrong…and they have it all together if we just follow their lead. That whole stand up, sit down, clap—don’t clap, garbage makes my gag reflex strain. It was like watching the clapping seals at the circus that await the trainer to throw them a fish. It`s all so surreal. Yet, it`s very real, and we are the ones paying for ‘The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.’ Moreover, our children and grandchildren are now on the dime for this mess....